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What does it include?

Unlimited lifetime access to the complete System for Manifestation, Soulful Sales & Marketing, Tantra Alchemy Course, Human design & gene keys certification, money codes, manifestation planner playbook, how to create your course, how to write your book without writing, Ai Automations, Sales training, System Implementations, Chat gpt blueprint, Psychedelic Integration Awakening book, dance video, meditation video's, channeled vibrational shifts one per week, original music, private Facebook group, And more


How is this different from your books?

This is very different from the books. You get the step by step demonstration to go on the journey yourself. The books are the foundation and THE COURSES is the next level. Our work continues here.


What’s in this program that we haven’t seen before?

You can see on this page preview from different sections. Remember you get 30 days money back guarantee so there is no risk to your investment.


Can I pay monthly or on a payment plan?

We are offering a month payment plan.


After I watch an episode, how long do I have to wait for the next one?

You’ll immediately be able to keep going.


What if I didn’t read Your Books?

You can do this program without reading the books, but I hope you’ll read them anyway!


Once I purchase this, how long do I get to keep it?

It’s yours. Lifetime access. No renewals, no hidden fees.


Honestly, why should I buy this?

Why? Because we all need clarity to realize our higher self so we can create a bigger IMPACT in the world by being fully 100 percent expressed. We all need to share our story to heal ourselves and others so we can realize our purpose here. Because every minute you spend waiting for a fulfilling life, someone else is grabbing it. Every time you say “I’ll do whatever it takes,” another day goes by that you didn’t do what you promised yourself.

For all of you who can’t work with me face-to-face, for all of you who want to hear what I say to the greats and how they rise up to the challenge, this is for you.

Invest in yourself. Believe in yourself. Not because I tell you to, but because YOU KNOW THERE IS GREATNESS IN YOU. Time to demand more and get more. Join me.


I have a different question, who should I ask?

Please contact , and my team will help you.

The powerhouse behind seven jaw-dropping books, including a chart-topping Amazon best-seller!

📚 Her journey is like a rollercoaster, weaving through coaching, music, videos, and mind-blowing live events.

🌟 Founder of Abundant Life Consulting, Dasha is on a mission to help you embrace your Million-Dollar Identity. Forget sacrifices – she's all about sharing stories and unleashing the power of sales and marketing systems with a sprinkle of humor!

💖 Dasha's passion for self-love and manifestation led to the creation of the Empire of Love Foundation. From Tantra to full-body orgasms, DMT breath-work to manifestation secrets, she's here to drop wisdom bombs for all ages.

🏝️ Currently soaking up the sun on the beach with her dream guy and a new baby in Florida, Dasha proves that you can have it all!

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All The Abundant Life Consulting LLC™ products and services are non-refundable due to the extreme value of our content. Buy things you believe in and know in your GUT are right for you!

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