We are walking down an unknown path hoping that everything will be okay. It is time to try a new path outside of the commonality. Time to re-discover the purpose and reason for being. The moment you realize your purpose, you feel free, acquiring a meaning and life begins to matter.

All successful people are proactive, in a state of flow, having a vision and values that drive and direct their behavior. They have hunger – a desire for personal development, growth and progress. Be among those who break the barriers of the past to discover their unique expression, upgrade your DNA and literally create your reality. With Dasha’s transformation process you will create your own success story. Experience my upcoming LIVE EVENTS or join the coaching– re-discover your purpose, unlock keys to boost your spirituality & have more success in business, or reignite passion in your relationship. Whatever you are looking for, we will guide you to your ideal experience.

Dasha Love

Dasha is a sacred facilitator holding space for her clients highest potential. The death of her mother fueled her passion for the healing arts. She underwent her hardcore transformation journey with psychedelics and integrated her lessons through her books. she embodies the healing frequency of creativity and child like play-fullness. Since breaking free from her limiting beliefs, she lives a life of magic, which she co-creates with her fellow conscious adventurers. Her signature programs are inspired by her transformation and are customizable to meet her client's specific needs.


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