WELCOME, I am Dasha LovE.

WE ARE here TO inspire others to live a better life by being the fully expressed version of ourselves.  

Right now, you may be: 

  • Working on healing the past. 

  • Processing a recent medicine journey. 

  • Experiencing a seismic shift in your reality right now that may include the ending of a significant relationship or the death of a loved one. 

  • Planning or writing your book

At the same time, you may also be trying to create a new income stream.

  • You may be on the fence of starting your own business, and needing guidance to finally take the plunge. 

  • In the process of creating a business vehicle that works for you.

  • Expressing yourself authentically through your business by using techniques that help you relate to your audience integrating the seen and the unseen. 

If you are at a crossroads, and are looking for guidance then look no further. I have been exactly where you are now. It can feel heavy and create feelings of fear and anxiety. Stepping into a new reality is not as easy as maintaining the status quo. However, I have designed three unique avenues that can assist you, where you are at. 



Dasha is a sacred facilitator holding space for her clients highest potential. The death of her mother fueled her passion for the healing arts. She underwent her hardcore transformation journey with psychedelics and integrated her lessons through her books. Besides one on one and group work, she also embodies her healing frequency through her creative endevarors.

Since breaking free from her limiting beliefs, she lives a life of magic, which she co-creates with her fellow conscious adventurers. Her three signature programs are inspired by her transformation and are customized to her meet her client's specific needs.


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